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Recyclability of Metal Powder Coatings

For powders produced by dry blending, due to separation during spraying and recycling, there will be differences in metallic pigment content between recycled powder and virgin powder, which may result in inconsistent appearance of the coating film and color cast.


Advantages of Metal Powder Coating Finishes

Spraying a cover layer on a metal powder coating has the following advantages:


Coating method of metal powder coating

Friction spray guns are generally not suitable for spraying metal powder coatings. In most cases, electrostatic spray guns are recommended for application. Since this type of product contains metallic pigments, when using an electrostatic gun for construction, ensure that the system is well grounded, and at the same time set a lower electrostatic voltage and powder output to prevent ignition during spraying. The effect of forming a coating film has a great relationship with the setting, quality or brand of the spray gun. After spraying for a long time, a large amount of metal powder may accumulate at the discharge needle of the spray gun, and the applicator needs to clean the discharge needle regularly.


The characteristics of polyurethane powder coating

Compared with other types of powder coatings, polyurethane powder coatings have the following characteristics: (1) When melted and leveled, the melt viscosity is low, especially the sealing agent does not have any chemical reaction before unsealing, so that the powder coatings have enough leveling time, coating Membrane leveling is good.


Appearance identification How to identify powder coating?

1. The hand feels silky and smooth, fluffy and floating Rough and heavy hand feel Grab a handful of powder in your hand, the smoother and more fluffy the powder, the better the quality. On the contrary, the rough and heavy feel of the powder results in poor quality Not easy to spray, with a lot of secondary powder drop and high waste


Precautions when using powder coatings

1. Keep away from fire sources and avoid direct sunlight. Place in a well ventilated area with a temperature below 35 ℃.